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It's nice to know that friends read the blog. It's nice to know that websurfers the world over are directed to it when they search for an image or particular phrase.
biohazard warning sign red backgroundMay the joy of my life and the associated humour be spread far and wide, propagating out into the universe in ripples of laughter. But recently a new menace is threatening the benign cyber-chatters of the blogosphere: referrer spam. Overnight, 8 hits arrive from somewhere: traffic sources tell you it's Russia (maybe using a .tk suffix registered in the Pacific island state of Tokelau). 

The referring website is or or or or or or or or or or or or or or It's never Harry' So you visit these sites to find out who they are. 

(Don't ever visit the sites, if you have done, run a deep scan/quarantine)



Application for purchasing credits for Anti (Android Network Toolkit).

Anti is currently in pre-release, but you can register an account in advance through this app.

We are not currently supporting Honeycomb tablets. Tablets will be supported in Version 2.

Download Anti Android App, Now available as Free, Silver, Gold and Premium. Easy hacking on the go!

local-targets target
Remember that Android app called Anti, developed by Itzhak Avraham -  A Security researcher, designed to bring easy hacking on the go with all the hacking tools available to penetration testers on PCs to smartphones, with an automated interface intended to make sniffing local networks and owning remote servers as simple as pushing a few buttons with attack methods:

Hack a Droid Android Download App v4.2

Hack a Droid is a little suite of homemade implementations of security tools for Android composed by a wireless key cracker, a router password cracker, an utility that scans for hosts in your LAN, a port scanner and a service banner grabber.

Hack a Droid Android App       Hack a Droid Android App